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This is such a favourite of mine with so many scenarios and angles to play, that it deserves it own write up.


So you don’t want to be the sissy little girl that deep down you know you are, and you have been made to do it. I really don’t know why you were born with balls and a dick because really it’s just an oversized clit that belongs to a little sissy bitch, and you really need to see yourself for who you truly are! Make up will be crude and messy, and expect to get that lipstick smeared all over your face and you gag on my strap on, after I force you to get on your knees and worship me like the little slut that you are. You were born to do this, and your protests will fall on deaf ears, now open that pretty little mouth! For those of you, who want the ultimate humiliation, we can go out in public in this way, perhaps out for a meal, or even to go out and buy a pretty new dress, that you don't want to wear.... but you will. You will!



I know you so well. You go weak for the feel of nylon as you run your hand over your own leg, feeling those pretty suspenders I have just put you in. The corset we chose out for you, synching you nicely at the waist. The pretty lace panties make you feel sexy. You appreciate the time I spend doing your makeup. There is nothing drag about your look. You look stunning and beautiful. You truly are a butterfly. Now your transformation is complete, I want you to be made to feel truly sexy. I want to tie your leg up, parting them, and you are going to take me. You are going to take me, looking all coy with those beautiful long lashes fluttering at me whilst I do, because you’re such a good little girl!



Now this type can only be performed with my duo partner Mistress Vivienne. Whilst making you over, one duo member will be telling you what a beautiful lady you are, although the other will be telling you that you’re an ugly man, and you make a far uglier woman. Now who do you agree with? Stuck between a rock and a hard place, because whoever you disagree with, will be punishing your sissy little arse. Then the other one will be having a go, because you disagreed with her sister.