Background Contact

Anal exam/ stretching /invasion

Ball Busting


Boot/ Foot /Shoe / Leg/ Stockings worship


Cashpoint / Cash drop meets

Chastity & denial


Corporal punishment

Dinner Dates


Face sitting/ slapping/ stamping

Feminisation / Sissification

Financial domination


Human furniture


Nipple torture


Public humiliation

Pet play

Role play

Sensory deprivation

Shopping trips

Slave training



Strapon play /training



Wax play


This list is far from exhaustive and I have many tools in my repertoire to whip you into shape. If you are interested in something not mentioned please respectfully inquire. You will be be expected to satisfy my every need, so while you may state your preferred fetishes you must remember this is about pleasing me. Do not come with a selfish attitude or rest assured I will remind you of how pathetic and worthless you really are.

Please contact me if you have a fetish I have not touched upon, perhaps I can touch it, or perhaps not.... Do please remember that you won’t be getting your way every time. Particularly as reward is based on performance - and do you think you’ve ever really don’t anything that didn’t ultimately lead to disappointment? Well, we shall see!

Part of our initial interactions will involve stating hard limits and there is no shame in having limits. You as a slave must have the maturity to state your limits, which will be respected. Any moron stating that they don’t have any limits is unsafe to themselves and to me.